Paquito D Rivera

By 1980, D'Rivera had been dissatisfied with the constraints placed on his music in Cuba for many years. In an interview with ReasonTV, D'Rivera notes that the Cuban communist government described jazz and rock and roll as "imperialist" music that was officially discouraged in the 1960s and '70s, and that a meeting with Che Guevara sparked his desire to leave Cuba.[3] In early 1981, while on tour in Spain, he sought asylum with the American Embassy, and left his homeland, wife and child behind in search of a better life with a promise to get them out.[citation needed] Upon his arrival in the United States, D'Rivera found great support for him and his family. His mother Maura and his sister Rosario had left Cuba in 1968 and become US citizens. Maura had worked in the US in the fashion industry for many years, and Rosario was now a respected artist/entrepreneur [1]. Many notables reached out to help Paquito, including Dizzy Gillespie, David Amram, Mario Bauzá and Bruce Lundvall, who gave him his first solo recording date. D'Rivera quickly earned respect among American jazz musicians and was introduced to the jazz scene at some of the most prestigious clubs and concert halls in New York. He became something of a phenomenon after the release of his first two solo albums,Paquito Blowin (June 1981) and Mariel (July 1982)

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Donna Gardier Home

Donna Gardier Home
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Donna Gardier, one of the UK’s most soulful voices, makes a welcome return to recording with her new solo album “Home”.

In the mid-Nineties she fronted UK band Raw Stylus, who recorded the classic singles “Pushing Against The Flow” and “Believe In Me”, and toured extensively with them in Europe, the US and Japan.

Of the brand new album Donna says: “I enjoyed doing my first solo album, but the reason why I particularly like this new album is that it is true to me, coming from the heart, true to the person I am today.

The exception is an intimate acoustic version of the Marvin Gaye favourite “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)”, produced by the Birmingham-based Full Flava team.

The songs on “Home” range from powerful up-tempo tracks like “Decisions”, “I Am” and the title track to the softer “Real Thing” and the seductive neo soul of “Something Special” and “One And Only”.

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