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Selaelo Selota can be read like a classical South African tale of the mining heydays – a young man determined to defy lack and deprivation joining the throngs of men that converged in the many mining towns all over the country in search of a better tomorrow. Like many young people in the mid-80’s, Selaelo Selota’s dream of furthering his studies was shattered when he did not have the financial means to go to university, instead he went on to find employment in mining. Undeterred, he found his passion in the strangest of ways, which ironically is also the luminous career that it is today. The former gold miner is now mining the same precious metal, but armed with a guitar rather than a drill. It was during the time spent living amongst the migrant workers in the mines that Selaelo Selota was exposed to traditional songs and dances from many other South African tribal groups and – this is where his inspiration for his music is found.

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Lesego Reetseng ''made his name in 2006 when he released his first offering, My Music. It went over platinum and won him several awards. In 2009 he released his second album called Soulsation. - See more at:''.

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