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The Multiple South African Music Award Nominee, Kyle  Shepherd, born in Cape Town, South Africa on 8 July 1987, is  widely regarded as one of South Africa’s most influential and  accomplished Jazz pianists and composers. As a pianist,  saxophonist, Xaru player (traditional mouth-bow), vocalist and  poet he has forged a unique compositional and performance  concept that pays homage to all his musical influences and the  many great musicians he has worked with, all while continuing to  look forward musically in a way, which, in the words of the great  South African Jazz writer and historian, Gwen Ansell, “live in the  jazz world but are never imprisoned by it”.  Shepherd has released three critically acclaimed albums to date  namely, ‘fineART’, ‘A Portrait of Home’ and ‘South African  History !X’. He has earned South African Music Award  nominations for all three of his album releases, in the Jazz  Category! His first Solo Piano Album, recorded in Japan, is set  for release in 2013.  Shepherd will be performing with the legendary Louis MoholoMoholo at the 2013 Cape Town International Jazz Festival and  in September 2013 he will perform the world premiere of  ‘Xamisa‘, a compositional work he was commissioned to write by  Festival d’Automne à Paris, at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord,  Paris, France

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Hugh masekela

Hugh Masekela
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Masekela ''was born in Kwa-Guqa Township, WitbankSouth Africa. He began singing and playing piano as a child. At age 14, after seeing the filmYoung Man With a Horn (in which Kirk Douglas plays a character modeled after American jazz trumpeter Bix Beiderbecke), he took up playing the trumpet. His first trumpet was given to him by Archbishop Trevor Huddleston, the anti-apartheid chaplain at St. Peter's Secondary School''.[1]

Huddleston asked the leader of the then Johannesburg "Native" Municipal Brass Band, Uncle Sauda, to teach Masekela the rudiments of trumpet playing. Masekela quickly mastered the instrument. Soon, some of his schoolmates also became interested in playing instruments, leading to the formation of the Huddleston Jazz Band, South Africa's first youth orchestra. By 1956, after leading other ensembles, Masekela joined Alfred Herbert's African Jazz Revue''.

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