Nguyen Le

Nguyrn Le
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Nguyên Lê (Vietnamese: Lê Thành Nguyên ; born 14 January 1959 in ParisFrance) is a French Jazz musician and Composer of Vietnameseancestry.[1] His main instrument is guitar, and he also plays electric bass guitar and guitar synthesizer.[2]

He has released numerous albums, both as a leader and as a sideman. His 1996 album Tales from Viêt-Nam blends jazz and traditional Vietnamese music. Nguyên Lê has performed with Randy BreckerVince MendozaEric VloeimansCarla BleyMichel PortalRenaud Garcia-FonsPer MathisenMarc JohnsonPeter ErskineTrilok GurtuPaolo Fresu and Dhafer Youssef.[3]

In spring 2011 he released Songs of Freedom, an album with cover versions of pop hits from the 1970s.