Don Laka

Don Laka
79,99 ZAR each


Pianist, songwriter, music-producer and entrepreneur Don Laka has an enduring reputation as one of South 

Africa’s jazz greats. He has been a member of numerous noteworthy bands over the decades, one of which, 

Image, recorded over 12 albums during its 10-years. He has collaborated with music legends such as Sibongile 

Khumalo, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Ray Phiri and Brenda Fassie and worked with names such as Tony Visconi, 

producer of ten of David Bowie’s albums. 

Laka started the country’s first truly successful black record company, Kalawa Records, which has over the 

years been awarded Triple, Double Platinum and three Gold statuses for various albums. He has also written 

extensively for vocalists, jazz bands and full-scale orchestras. 

As a solo artist, Laka has enjoyed resounding success. With 6 award-winning albums to his name, sell-out 

performances in London, Canada, Austria and The United States of America and an avid listenership in 

Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and France, Laka has achieved legendary status in his own right. 

Laka is also a frequent speaker at music seminars regarding the the issues of quality and standards of South 

African Music.