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Tutu pouane
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Comparisons can be so clichéd, but the truth is that her peerless vocal artistry has that unique, irresistible touch that is reminiscent of great jazz singers such as Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald.

Once you start playing her music, it is hard to let go.

When she graduated in voice and jazz studies at the University of Cape Town in 2001, the Atteridgeville, Tshwane-born singer and lyricist was offered a lucrative contract with a major South African recording company.

But she accepted an offer from renowned Dutch pianist Jack van Poll to further her music studies abroad.

"I left home in September 2002 after receiving a scholarship to study at The Hague Conservatory in Holland," says the Belgium-based singer. "I started getting a lot of work in Belgium while I was studying in Holland, so I decided to live there for a while."

It was here that she met her husband, pianist Ewout Pierreux.