Abbey Lincoln

Abbey Lincoln
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Lincoln was one of many singers influenced by Billie Holiday. She often visited the Blue Note jazz club in New York City.[2] Her debut album, Abbey Lincoln’s Affair – A Story of a Girl in Love, was followed by a series of albums for Riverside Records. In 1960 she sang on Max Roach's landmark civil rights-themed recording, We Insist!.[3] Lincoln’s lyrics were often connected to the civil rights movement in America.

During the 1980s, Lincoln’s creative output was smaller and she released only a few albums during that decade. During the 1990s and until her death, however, she fulfilled a 10-album contract with Verve Records. These albums are highly regarded and represent a crowning achievement in Lincoln’s career. Devil’s Got Your Tongue (1992) featured Rodney KendrickGrady TateJ. J. JohnsonStanley TurrentineBabatunde Olatunji and The Staple Singers, among others.

In 2003, Lincoln received a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master Award.