Gene Shaw Breakthrough

Gene Shaw Breakthrough
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Clarence Eugene Shaw, sometimes credited as Gene Shaw (June 16, 1926, Detroit - August 17, 1973, Los Angeles) was an American jazztrumpeter.

Shaw played piano and trombone as a child. He began playing trumpet around 1946 after hearing Dizzy Gillespie's Hot House while recovering from injuries sustained in the Army. He attended the Detroit Institute of Music and studied under Barry Harris, and played locally with Lester Young,Wardell Gray, and Lucky Thompson.[citation needed]

He moved to New York City in 1956 and soon after began playing with Charles Mingus's Jazz Workshop in 1957. Among his credits with Mingus isTijuana Moods.[citation needed] Later that year he destroyed his instrument and quit music over a fight with Mingus. He did not return to playing until 1962, after which time he formed his own ensemble. He retired again in 1964 and returned to music once more in 1968.[citation needed]

"Marj", The third track on his solo debut album Break Through was written for his wife Marjorie Belle Wilson of Kentucky. He is survived by children Keven Jean Shaw, Stacey Leah Shaw, and Lion Shaw