Maleh Step Child

 Maleh Step Child
99,99 ZAR each


This isn’t your typical fairytale with a hopeful promise of a forever after, but the story about a young girl poised and destined by song to be the next big thing to come out of Africa. Born and raised in Lesotho, Maleh’s musical journey began with the group Kaya, an afro pop group who won the Metro Fm best newcomer award in 2005 for their debut album Kunzima.


In a search to hone and develop her own identity and sound Maleh broke away from the band in search of her own unique style. That’s why I guess, its kind of hard to really coin a term to Maleh’s individual sound.


Maleh’s much anticipated album is many things, chief among them it is a neo afro soul album fuelled by intuition, sensuality, spirit and a creativity brought by her own writing skills and a strong desire to incorporate her cultural roots with her urban vibe. Songs like Step Child, add a sexy yet unshakeable warmth of her heart and search for her own self worth as she like many young women step into the sometimes difficult journey that is womanhood


A true journey of her soul, JUST will leave an imprint in your musical ear. A true reflection of her musical talent lies evident in the hit collaborations she has produced with artists such as Dj Qness – “Uzo’ngilinda,” “Time” and Dj Kent – “Falling” to mention but a few.

Look out for Maleh’s new album “ Just” due for release April 2011 and her new single “Step Child” set to hit the airwaves in March 2011