Cesaria Evora

Cesaria Evora
229,99 ZAR each


''Cesaria Evora ( Mindelo , São Vicente , Cape Verde , 27 August 1941 - ibid , December 17 of 2011 ) was an singer Verdean known by the nickname "Queen of morna . " She was also known as "the barefoot diva" because of his habit of stand barefoot on stage, in solidarity with the homeless and poor women and children of her country.''



  1.  Tchintchirote" (Dany Cavahlo)
  2. "Sabine Larga'm" (Sabino, leave me)
  3. "Partida" (Departure)
  4. "Sangue de Beirona" (Beirona's blood)
  5. "Apocalipse"
  6. "Mar Ê Morada de Sodade" (The sea is the home of Nostalgia)
  7. "Bo Ê Di Meu Cretcheu" (You are mine, beloved)
  8. "Coragem Irmon" (Take courage, brother)
  9. "Quem Bô Ê" (Who are you?)
  10. "Regresso" (Return)
  11. "Zebra"
  12. "Mae Velha" (Old mother)
  13. "Pe Di Boi" (Quarrel)
  14. "Ess Pais" (This country)