Busi Mhlongo & Twasa

Busi Mhlongo & Twasa
99,99 ZAR each


South African music icon of "We Baba Omncane" fame, which was used for a global Adidas campaign in the early 2000s - had been fighting breast cancer for several years and died at the Albert Luthuli hospital in Durban on June 15. She was 62.

Born as Victoria Busisiwe Mhlongo, she is originally from Inanda in Kwa Zulu, Natal , South Africa, Busi Mhlongo was a virtuoso singer, dancer and composer whose music defies categorization. Drawing on various South African styles such as mbaqanga, maskanda, marabi and traditional Zulu, fused with contemporary elements from jazz, funk, rock, gospel, rap, opera, reggae and West African music she produces a fresh and exciting sound. Her infectious music and singing style have a universal appeal and her lyrics carry powerful and poignant messages. In the 1960s.


  1. Track 01 Izinziswa
  2. Track 02 Ting-Tingi
  3. Track 03Unomkhubulwane
  4. Track 04 Umenthisi
  5. Track 05Babhemu
  6. Track 06 Shosholoza
  7. Track 07 Mfaz Onga Phesheia
  8. Track 08 Ujantshi
  9. Track 09 Ntandane