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African Connection
149,95 ZAR each


Richard Nwamba presents ''the African Diaspora''. In this album we celebrate Africa like never before with major artists and songs of original African decent, living outside of the African continent.

Latin textures and spices dominate (music from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Brazil), Haunting gypsy-like influence comes from Peru and Cuba with more central African up-tempo ''Soukouss'' elements presented from Haiti and French Antilles. 

We hear a rare reggae gem from Barbados and more traditional African songs from Haiti as well. A special and well-rounded album that gives a mere glimpse of the abundant talent that Africa has spawned through its far-flung, but not forgotten, famous children.


  1. Track 01 Baissez Bas - Tabou Combo Track 02 Lagrimas Megras - Eliades Ochoa
  2. Track 03 Como Voce - Martinho Da Vila
  3. Track 04 Violin Tambor - Leyanis Lopez
  4. Track 05 Si Me Quitaran - Susana Baca
  5. Track 06 Procura - Chichi Peralta
  6. Track 07 Lanbi-La-Brile - Kassav
  7. Track 08 Canten- Polo Montanez
  8. Track 09 Pump Me Up - Krosfyah
  9. Track 10 Flor De Amor - Omara Portuondo
  10. Track 11 Definitivamente - Osdalgia
  11. Track 12 Wongol - James Germain
  12. Track 13 Maye A Gaye - Boukman Eksperyans
  13. Track 14  Bolero Jouc Li Jou - Tabou Combo