Wycliffe Gordon Signature series volume 1

Wycliffe Gordon Signature Series Vol one
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Wycliffe A. Gordon (born May 29, 1967 in Waynesboro, Georgia) is an American jazz trombonist, arranger, composer, band leader, and music educator at the collegiate-conservatory level. Gordon also plays didgeridoo, trumpet, tuba, piano, and sings.[1]

Gordon came from a strongly religious and musical background that influenced the early direction of his music. His late father, Lucius Gordon (1936–1997), had been a church organist at several churches in Burke County, Georgia. His father had also been a classical pianist and teacher. Gordon became particularly inspired in jazz at age thirteen, 1980, by listening to jazz recordings inherited from his great-aunt. The collection included a five-LP jazz anthology produced by Sony-Columbia. In particular, he was drawn to musicians like Louis Armstrong[2] At that age, he was attendingLangford Middle School in Augusta, Georgia, and his band director was James K. Staples (born 1958). Gordon graduated in 1985 from Butler High School in Augusta.

His early works as a professional were with Wynton Marsalis, but in recent years he has expanded beyond swing and has experimented with new instruments. The strongest example of this might be The Search where he plays didgeridoo and covers Thelonious Monk songs.[3] He has also played Gospel music.

In 1995, Gordon arranged and orchestrated the theme song for NPR's All Things Considered.[4] Gordon's arrangement and orchestration is the third version of the widely recognized melody composed in 1971 by Donald Joseph Voegeli (1920–2009).