Wynonie Harris Everybody Boogie

Wynonie Harris Everybody Boogie
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Wynonie Harris (August 24, 1915[2] – June 14, 1969), born in OmahaNebraska, was an American blues shouter and rhythm and blues singer of upbeat songs, featuring humorous, often ribald lyrics. With fifteen Top 10 hits between 1946 and 1952, Harris is generally considered one of rock and roll's forerunners, influencing Elvis Presley among others.[citation needed] He was the subject of a 1994 biography by Tony Collins

With dance partner Velda Shannon, Harris formed a dance team in the early 1930s.[4] The team performed around North Omaha's flourishing entertainment community, and by 1934 they were a regular attraction at the Ritz Theatre. It was not until 1935, however, that Harris was able to earn his living as an entertainer. While performing at Jim Bell's new Harlem nightclub with Velda Shannon, Harris began to sing the blues.

He also began traveling frequently to Kansas CityKansas where he paid close attention to the blues shouters including Jimmy Rushing and Big Joe Turner. Harris became a local celebrity in Omaha during the depths of the Great Depression in 1935. Harris' break in Los Angeles was at a nightclub owned by Curtis Mosby. It was here that Harris became known as "Mr. Blues"