Eric Van Westen's Quadrant

Eric Van Der Westen
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Eric van der West (* 1963 ) is a Dutch bass player , composer and band leader of modern jazz .

Van grew up in the south west of Holland, and began as a guitar - and bass guitar player in rock hard - and New Wave bands before joining the contemporary jazz and improvised music and turned to the bass changed. He studied at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam and soon became a sought-after sideman in various bands and orchestras, as in Willem van Manen'sContraband at the beginning of the 1990s or in the Impressionistic Improvisers Quartet with Eckard Coulter husband , Theo Jörgensmann and Jeroen van Vliet . Stylistically, he oriented himself in his game models such as Charles Mingus and Charlie Haden . Early on he was also active as a composer. In the 1990s he took under his own name for the label Bvaast the album Dreamer working on that stylistically and the occupation of the David Murray Octet oriented, as his "Ballad for John Carter , "and in big band concept Charles Mingus' played .

His next album Me, Myself and I was already in the title of a salute to the bass player and composer, the album commissioned van der west eight composers (including themselves) in order to 'write compositions in the spirit of Mingus that sufficient clearance improvisations left. According to the judgment of Richard Cook and Brian Morton that comes most remarkable piece of this album "Min (g) us One" by the composer Chiel Meijering , it is based on various themes Mingus. Van the West itself was entitled "The Underdog" at.