Wendell b Get to know me

Wendell b get to know me
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Wendell Brown, aka Wendell B., was born in St. Louis, Missouri. His parents were from the South, and as a child Brown attended family reunions in Mississippi and Alabama, where he soaked up the blues and gospel culture. He also sang in family-oriented gospel groups, where he inevitably became the lead singer. 

In his teens Wendell Brown met Oliver Sain, the St. Louis-based R&B legend (Ike Turner's sax player) who had also been instrumental in St. Louis-born Barbara Carr's career. Brown began supplementing his gospel work with performances in local secular bands, playing with and learning from such local singers as Marvin Rice (Masters Touch) and Carl Holmes (Vision Band). He later became lead singer of the Vision Band and recorded a single in Minneapolis with Jesse Johnson (of The Time). Brown also worked in advertising singing jingles. 

Brown's debut solo CD was released by Atlanta label Raw Deal in 1998 under the name Wendell Brown