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Dee Brown
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After college, Brown formed the group One Wish, whose style was patterned after Boyz II Men and Silk. The trio released its first album on the TRC record label titled I Feel Like Getting Romantic. The single Tell Me Why became One Wish’s first top 100 recording in the Rhythm and Blues category. The group was also nominated for a Nashville music award, and Tell Me Why won the award for the Best Single by aLocal Artist at the Metro Times Detroit Music Awards.

Brown continued his success by collaborating with saxophonist Gentry Shelby. The two formed Shelby Brown, and released the TEG Records album written and produced by Brown, Come Into My Heart which rose to the top of the of the DMX Smooth Jazz music charts. The solo No Time to Waste was released on Nu Groove/ Sony / BMG / Records in October of 2007. Brown’s skills as a guitarist, composer, producer and arranger were revealed for the first time. Brown's long-time friend & producer Gerald Mitchell of Los Hermanos helped him achieve a sound targeted for Smooth Jazz listeners as guitar and saxophone leads were equally balanced. The album was created with the Smooth Jazz listener in mind and it balances equally between guitar and saxophone leads.