Shilts Going underground

209,99 ZAR each


"Shilts" or "Shiltsy" as he is more commonly known nails it with All Grown Up. A common complaint of those that listen to more contemporary jazz would have to be including vocals on a recording that one would expect to be primarily instrumental in nature. Shilts addresses this issue with only two vocal tracks which features the incredible talent of Siedah Garrett who may well be one of the best if not under rated vocalists working any side of the music industry to date. Shilts shows off some vocal chops on "Since I Found You." Programming and riding the compression levels so hard that the music winds up sounding as though it had been sanitized for your protection is never an issue here. Artfully recorded, mixed and mastered there is a warm rich sound, an organic blank slate for Paul Weimar to turn out his best recording to date if not one of the better contemporary releases for the year.