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Ginger Baker Coward Of The Country
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Peter Edward "Ginger" Baker (born 19 August 1939 in LewishamSouth London) is an English drummer who played with Cream andBlind Faith. He is also known for his numerous associations with World music, mainly the use of African influences.[1] He has also had other collaborations such as with Gary MooreHawkwind and Public Image Ltd.

Baker's drumming attracted attention for its flamboyance, showmanship and his use of two bass drums instead of the conventional singlebass kick drum (following a similar set-up used by Louie Bellson during his days with Duke Ellington). Although a firmly established rock drummer and praised as "Rock's first superstar drummer",[2] he prefers being called a jazz drummer.[3] Baker's influence has extended to drummers of both genres, including Billy CobhamPeter CrissBill WardIan PaiceNick Mason,[4] and John BonhamAllMusic has described him as "the most influential percussionist of the 1960s" and stated that "virtually every drummer of every heavy metal band that has followed since that time has sought to emulate some aspect of Baker's playing." [2]

While at times performing in a similar way to Keith Moon from The Who, Baker also employs a more restrained style influenced by the British jazz groups he heard during the late 1950s and early 1960s. In his early days as a drummer, he performed lengthy drum solos, the best known being the five-minute drum solo "Toad" from Cream's debut album Fresh Cream (1966). He is also noted for using a variety of other percussion instruments and for his application of African rhythms. He would often emphasize the flam, a drum rudiment in which both sticks attack the drumhead at almost the same time, giving a heavy thunderous sound.

Baker formed and recorded with Ginger Baker's Energy and was involved in collaborations with Bill Laswell, jazz bassist Charlie Haden, jazz guitaristBill Frisell, and pioneering afro beat musician Fela Kuti. He was also member of HawkwindAtomic RoosterMasters of Reality, and Public Image Ltd..

Baker gained fame as a member of the Graham Bond Organisation and then as a member of the rock band Cream from 1966 until they disbanded in 1968. He later joined the group Blind Faith. In 1970 Baker formed, toured and recorded with fusion rock group Ginger Baker's Air Force.

He lived in Nigeria from 1970 until 1976.[5] Baker sat in for Kuti[6] during recording sessions in 1971 and these were released by Regal Zonophone asLive! (Fela Kuti album) (1971)'[7] Fela also appeared with Ginger Baker on Stratavarious (1972) alongside Bobby Gass,[8] a pseudonym for Bobby Tench[1] from The Jeff Beck GroupStratavarious was later re-issued as part of the compilation Do What You Like.[9] Baker formed Baker Gurvitz Armyin 1974 and recorded three albums with them before the band broke up in 1976.

In the early 1980s, Baker joined Hawkwind for an album and tour, and in the mid-1980s was part of John Lydon's Public Image Ltd.

In 1992 Baker played with the hard-rock group Masters of Reality on the album Sunrise on the Sufferbus, yielding the top-ten hit "She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On)".

In 1994 he formed The Ginger Baker Trio and joined the bassist known as Googe in Masters of Reality formed by producer, singer and guitarist Chris Goss.

In 1994 Baker joined BBM, a short-lived power trio with the lineup of Baker, Jack Bruce and Irish blues rock guitarist Gary Moore. On 3 May 2005 Baker was reunited with Eric Clapton and Bruce for a series of concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and Madison Square Garden. The London concerts were recorded and released as Royal Albert Hall London May 2–3–5–6 2005 (2005),[10] In a Rolling Stone article written in 2009, Bruce is quoted as saying: "It's a knife-edge thing between me and Ginger. Nowadays, we're happily co-existing in different continents [Bruce lives in Britain, Baker in South Africa]...although I was thinking of asking him to move. He's still a bit too close."[11]

In 2008 a bank clerk, Lindiwe Noko, was charged with defrauding him of almost one-half million Rand ($60,000).[12] The bank clerk claimed that it was a gift after she and Baker became lovers. Not so, insisted Baker, who explained, "I've a scar that only a woman who had a thing with me would know. It's there and she doesn't know it's there."[13]Noko was convicted of fraud and in October 2010 was sentenced to three years "correctional supervision" (a type of community service).[14]

Baker's autobiography Hellraiser was published in 2009.[1]

Baker has COPD, a lung disease.

In 2013 Baker toured with the Ginger Baker Jazz Confusion, a quartet comprising Baker, saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis, bassist Alec Dankworth and percussionist Abass Dodoo.[15]